From his faded Levis, boots worn from working, to his big-brimmed, eye-catching hat, Danny Romero is LEGIT.


He’s a champion in rodeo, an Arizona cowpuncher, and Northern Arizona country rockstar. With his laughing, smiling, dancing, and hootin’ and hollering’ all night long, he never leaves a crowd unentertained.

This young man has an incredible gift to read his audience and seems to always pick the perfect song. Danny has unmatched charisma; his lovable personality is undeniably contagious. From his unique, from-the-gut laughter, to his big bright smile, proudly portraying the gap between his teeth, Danny truly has the “it” factor. He is a true fan of music, loving all genres.

His band, Arizona Territory, has, for years, played everything from country music on the radio today and/or 60 years ago, to ‘50s rockabilly, classic and southern rock, and even a little punk when appropriate.

Danny Romero

The Real Deal

Mamma Raised an Outlaw
Dedicated to Danny's mother, this song captures his inner outlaw.

The Real Deal

Danny romero- an arizona original

Original Songs

* All music & lyrics sole property of  Daniel Romero Zazueta

Tent City Blues
The tale of a long night of hard drinkin' & the trouble a young cowboy can find

True to his roots, this native Arizonan lives and breathes the western lifestyle his image portrays.