Danny romero- an arizona original

The roots, the man, the music-

He developed both compartment syndrome and the deadly bacteria necrotizing fasciitis on the same day and was within hours of death and didn’t even know it.

This gritty cowboy, however, toughed out three days of extreme pain before going to a trauma center and then slipping into a coma. He awoke seven days later, only to find that in order to save his life, his left leg had been amputated above the knee.

It’s been quite a ride, but thanks to his incredible spirit and faith in God, Danny has miraculously made a full recovery and is back doing all the things he loves: working as a cowboy, running his contracting business, and singing on stage.

He has even done some motivational speaking, proving he is truly an inspiring young man, full of talent and life.

Danny Romero has truly been blessed through his experiences on stage and in life, acquiring the unique ability to connect with all, a gift ready to be shared with the world.

Danny on KQNA 1130 am/99.9 fm

Talk of the Town, hosted by Matt Santos- 

Danny talks about his music, his inspiration, and sings "Mamma Raised an Outlaw" live in the studio.


The Trials


Danny’s deep southwestern roots tie him to the current governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez, and to a time when the southwest was Mexico and distant relative Pio de Jesus Pico was the last governor of Mexican California.


Danny’s Mexican ancestry and bilingual ability have always afforded him the opportunity to reach his Mexican audience by including music such as Norteno, Ranchera, Cumbia, Corrido, and his personal favorite, Mariachi.Danny is a special young man who has touched many lives through his music, but also through his amazing story of recovery after a life-altering experience while cowboyin' on an Arizona ranch.